About us

Speedheater System has its roots in the preservation and restoration industry. Paint removal has always been the major part of our business. Our products are sold in many countries in the world and considered by many experts to be the best paint removal system. Birger Ericson who is the president of Speedheater System worked nearly 20 years as a contractor specializing in old building restauration. The common paint removal solutions in those days were limited to chemicals, grinding, sanding, and heat guns. He found that these methods were unpleasant to work with; harmful to the environment and very damaging on wood. Birger got ill from the chemicals and decided that he was going to invent a better solution that was more effective; easy for every one to use; and gentle on wood and the environment. He succeeded, but it took nearly 10 years to develop the superior solution of a Speedheater infrared paint remover.

Birger Ericson, inventor and founder of the company.