Environmental policy

Thinking green is our motto through out or organization.

As manufacturers and a selling company we offer our customers the best possible     technology from an environmental stand point. We are constantly striving to make green improvements in our business.

We are always following government rules and regulations that apply to our business and we are constantly working on better results in comparison to the limits.

Our co-workers shall through education, responsibility and competence work towards constantly reducing the environmental impact.

We shall communicate our environmental policy to both co-workers and our suppliers.
By doing this we will improve our environmental awareness when choosing collaboration partners both in purchases and sales.

We are going to reduce our environmental impact by doing the following:

Our products
We are going to offer our customers best possible products and technology from an environmental standpoint. We are going to promote the usage of products and packages that have the least amount of environmental impact and waste products.

When choosing suppliers, products and services, we will consider the environmental aspects that will minimize our impact on the environment.

We are going to plan deliveries, purchases, work related trips and more, to minimize our environmental impact from transports.

Chemical Products
We are going to handle chemical products in accordance with the law to minimize the risk of harmful environmental discharge.

Work place/facility
By using energy and waste products sparingly we can reduce the environmental impact in our work place. We will reduce the amount of unsorted waste in our facilities by recycling.

Education and competence
All staff will be educated on environmental matters according to the undertakings in our environmental policy.

Laws and other requirements
We will comply with or surpass the environmental requirements posed on us from government, customers and market.

The environment is important to us.
We will constantly work towards a better environment and an improved global climate.

Janine Alm Ericson
Manager Environmental Issues