Less work & Eco friendly

1. Fastest paint removal method

This is the fastest paint removal method available. The more layers of paint, the more superior Speedheater IR System is in comparison to other methods. Regardless of the amount of paint layers, all are softened in 30 – 90 seconds. Afterwards, you scrape the paint off easily. To remove paint and putty from one window takes no longer than 15 minutes.

To remove paint with chemical strippers is slower and new regulations make them more ineffective for paint removal. Heat guns are ineffective on large paint removal projects and work poorly on putty removal when restoring windows. Dry scraping and sanding take a long time and a lot of hard work.


2. Easier than anything else

Scrape and heat at the same time, while you scrape one area the next area is preheated by the Speedheater. The clean and bare wood can be repainted immediately. On large paint removal jobs it is smart to use one of our attachments since they more than double the paint removal speed.

Chemical strippers require a lot of preparation, such as, covering up your self and surrounding areas from chemical spatter. Heat guns require extra caution since it works at very high temperatures that may crack the glass when restoring windows or it may start a fire.


3. More environmentally friendly in comparison

The low temperature of the Speedheater ensures that no dangerous fumes are released in the air, such as, lead and other heavy metals. Toxins stay in the paint remains. The work environment is dust free and quiet. The paint remains are easy to collect and all that is necessary is to throw it away at waste station that handles chemicals.

Chemical strippers are potentially hazardous for the person working with it and for the surrounding vegetation. It is also difficult to collect the waste since it is usually washed down in the back yard which may have a serious effect on the animal and plant life in the area. Heat guns work at temperatures between 750 F – 1800 F which gasify lead and other toxins in the air and is very toxic to breathe in. Dry scraping and sanding create a dust filled working environment which is potentially dangerous to breathe in and the dust can also be absorbed by the skin.


4. Unbeatable results – clean bare wood

No other paint removal method is able to achieve clean bare wood after paint stripping. Removing the paint with a Speedheater will make the paint applied afterwards last much longer and the reason is that the clean bare wood allows the fresh paint to adhere better. Using a Speedheater will also ensure that mould and fungi are killed in the paint removal process and the reason is that these are killed at a temperature around 158 F. The Speedheater method is gentle all around and brings back the original structure of the wood while also prolonging and making the wood more durable.

Other paint removal methods give the new paint a shorter life span. Chemical strippers stay on wood even after meticulous wash off. The paint removal process begins again after a few years. Heat guns scorch the wood and although it has such extreme heat it is very difficult to remove all paint. Dry scraping and sanding require a lot of force and this in turn, damages the wood. These methods are not able to remove all paint which gives new paint less adhesion.


5. Safer than other methods

The low operating temperature of a Speedheater 200 F – 400 F reduces the risk of fire tremendously. None of the possible toxins such as lead are released at this low temperature.

Some chemical strippers are associated with great health hazards. The temperature of a heat gun can easily start a fire and release dangerous heavy metals in the air. Dry scraping and sanding create a lot of harmful dust. Dust particles from old paint contain lead and are harmful even if one protects nose and mouth.


6. Most price worthy – long durability

A Speedheater makes the fresh paint applied last several years longer than other methods which saves a lot of time and money in the long run. It has low energy consumption in comparison to other power tools.

Chemical strippers may seem inexpensive when you purchase one can, but people may not be aware of that they can only strip a few layers at one application. The same spot may need an application several times in order to get through all layers and this is very expensive on larger jobs. Chemically stripped houses need to be repainted more often because the active ingredient stays active. Heat guns are not very effective and it takes a long time to strip larger areas. Dry scraping and sanding is difficult work and since the paint stripping results are uneven the freshly painted area will not adhere well and will have to be repainted sooner than necessary. 


7. Multi function tool

No other paint stripping methods have this many different usages. A Speedheater is a multi function tool that belongs in any home owners tool box just like a drill.

Areas of usage:

  • Old paint on siding that has begun to fall off
  • Paint that has blisters or cracks caused by different paints that are not chemically compatible
  • Change of colour or material
  • Loose or old window putty
  • Moisture in wood or concrete
  • Mould or fungi in wood or concrete
  • Furniture
  • Varnished surfaces like stairs, doors
  • Harden plastic repairs on boats
  • Harden varnish
  • Remove car paint
  • Remove lacquer on wood boats
  • Shrink plastic
  • Heat and bend hard clear plastic

Chemical stripper causing the new paint to fall off prematurely.

The exterior of this house was stripped from paint and freshly painted four years ago. The paint stripping method used where chemicals which where thoroughly washed off before painting. It is impossible to wash off all traces of chemicals since they get in to the cracks of the wood. The chemical traces left beneath the new paint causes the paint to fall off prematurely.

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