Service Info:

If you are experiencing some problems with your Speedheater or if your machine stops working, you should check the following:


If your Speedheater stops working:

Check the power supply: If your switch on your Speedheater does not turn on after you press the button, you should check if there is a fault in your power supply.

Reset Button: If your Speedheater stops working and the green switch is turned off, it could be caused by the machine being overheated. There is an automatic overheating shutdown if the Speedheater is overheated. Make sure that your Speedheater cools off before resetting the button. The reset button is located on the handle and beneath the power cord.

Broken or cracked Bulbs: If you bump the machine into something or if you drop it, it could cause the bulbs to crack or break. Check both bulbs for any damages and if you find any, you should replace them immediately. You can purchase new bulbs in our eStore.

Damaged Power Cord: If your power cord is damaged, it needs to be replaced. Please email to our service department for a return authorization number.


If your Speedheater is not performing as it should:

Dirty Bulbs: It is important to keep the machine, reflector and bulbs clean. If reflector and bulbs are dirty, it will cause the Speedheater to loose effectiveness. To clean the bulbs and reflector: use a rag soaked in methylated spirit and wipe carefully.

If you have checked the above and your Speedheater is still not working, you should email to our service department for further instructions and a return authorization number.